Technologies For Tomorrow Teams with Carousal on Guam to win Wireless Installation for Guam Department of Education

 Technologies for Tomorrow Inc. was notified that Team Carousal was selected to install and provide a multi-million dollar wireless hardware and services to the Guam Department of Education at 42 schools throughout the island. Technologies For Tomorrow teamed with Carousal Industries, the prime, who developed and delivered the winning bid for this effort assembling a world class team of leading technology providers. The “Best of Breed” companies that comprise “TEAM CAROUSEL” include Wired and Wireless Technology Design Professionals and Technical resources with experience in networking , security, operations, project management, implementation and system quality and acceptance testing.


  • Carousel Industries (outstanding depth-experience in global management of technical programs)
  • Technologies for Tomorrow – Brocade and Aruba Install and Project Management
  • Aruba Networks (ranked #2 globally in market share of Wireless LAN solutions)
  • Brocade Communications Systems (recognized worldwide leader in end-to-end networking solutions and provider of GDOE existing wired network infrastructure)
  • NxTech Systems (Hawaii Department of Education “preferred” Wireless LAN “system integrator”

This truly was a concentrated effort by the team to design and deliver a world class wireless solution based on Aruba and Brocade technologies says Daniel Coco, Vice President of Sales. Technologies For Tomorrow’s role will be to procure and install Brocade LAN switches in all 40 schools and provide project management and technical support for the entire solution for team Carousal. Jeff Chan, Technologies For Tomorrow’s chief engineer who was instrumental in the design and capabilities of the solution, will lead the technical effort on Guam for our engineering and installation team.



Technologies for Tomorrow signs DELL Federal System Integrator Agreement

Technologies for Tomorrow Inc. become a DELL systems integrator enabling TFT to expand our capabilities throughout North America and Asia Pacific. Dell has been part of cloud computing’s evolution from the beginning. Today more than 50 percent of all public and private clouds run on Dell hardware.

DELL has extensive support resources throughout the world and especially in Asia Pacific where our DOD, Commercial and Education customers require 24 X 7 warranty support says Daniel Coco Sales Vice President, Technologies for Tomorrow. With the resources and technologies DELL brings to the table TFT can continue to expand our presence in Asia Pacific where the department of Defense is refocusing its mission and funding.



ECO JAPAN teams with Technologies for Tomorrow on state of the art Ceramic Technology.

ECO Japan, a leading provider based out of Japan providing the latest energy efficient and green technologies developed in Japan has signed a agreement with Technologies’ for Tomorrow Inc. to market a leading edge Ceramic Technology in North America and Asia Pacific. TFT’s role will develop and build a distribution network outside of Japan to sell and market Ceramic coatings that can be used in military, data centers,industrial, and consumer, and commercial applications. The capabilities of the Ceramic coatings have been utilized only in Japan to reduce energy consumption, noise reduction, bacteria and mold and have capabilities not offered by other manufacturers of Ceramic coatings.


For more details and information please contact us


Technologies For Tomorrow attends Intel Solutions Summit 2013

As an Intel Platinum Provider, Technologies For Tomorrow, Inc. was once again invited to attend the Intel Solution Summit, this year held at the J.W. Marriott LA Live in Los Angeles, CA.


LAlive ISS2013

Perceptual computing


We are already familiar with face and voice recognition software that are out in the market. Your face is your password. Or for example or you can tell the computer to search for something. But the coolest advancement yet is gesture recognition. You use hand movement to control the PC. All made possible with a High Definition (HD) web cam that is able to detect your gestures down to your fingertips. As the representative demonstrates here, he moves his hand and the glass balls move

 ISS 2013 Perceptual




Technologies For Tomorrow continues to deliver on CANES

Technologies For Tomorrow continues to provide Compass XP Series computing systems for delivery to the CANES program.


The CANES aims to remove many legacy, standalone computing networks and install a common computing environment for dozens of command, control, intelligence and logistics applications.


In addition to providing the secure afloat network required for naval and joint operations, the program will increase reliability, security, interoperability and application hosting to meet current and projected soldier requirements, as well as mature cross domain technologies.

“The CANES program is critical to modernising the Navy afloat network for enhanced security, affordability and delivering relevant capabilities to the warfighter.”


The program will streamline and update shipboard network systems for improved interoperability and affordability across the fleet, as well as reduce infrastructure footprint and associated logistics, sustainment and training costs.


Technologies for Tomorrow Inc. introduces the Tezema Micro i3 Ultra Small Form Factor PCs and Skybox Security in Asia Pacific.

Technologies for Tomorrow Inc. exhibited at the Tokyo AFCEA TechNet show held at the New Sanno Hotel in Tokyo. Over 3 days, TFT introduced its new line of Tezema Micro i3 Ultra Small Form Factor PCs, the smallest and newest form factor PC based on Intel NUC. The performance and size of this unit was well received by many of the customers who attended the show. TFT demonstrated the Tezema Micro i3 with Skybox Security, the leading cyber simulation software, designed to test an enterprise network without actually using the live network for viruses, malware, and many methods of intrusion into the network. During day 3 of the show Technologies for Tomorrow Inc. had a 1 hour training session on Skybox for customers who attended the show.


Skybox Security is a leader in cyber simulation and is used across the world in many militaries, banks, utilities, and institutions dedicated to protecting their enterprise networks.  Vice President of Sales, Daniel Coco says Skybox offers clients a low cost and a superior technical capability to keep the bad guys out of your network in addition to having the ability to simulate changes to your enterprise network before you go live.  Combining the Tezema Micro i3 with Skybox Security is a great combination for affordability and performance.  Stay tuned for the next generation of the Tezema Micro, the Micro i5 expected in late May 2013.


TFT is Skybox Security ASIA Pacific Reseller and designs and resells INTEL complete portfolio of products and capabilities. For a quote or more information on Skybox Security products and services, as well as our hardware offerings please contact us.


Also announced at the show, TFT signed an agreement with CFRising, Inc. and ECO Japan to support the Tezema Micro i3 and specialized TFT servers throughout Japan for warranty and services.


Technologies for Tomorrow Promotes New Tezema Micro i3 Platform at San Diego AFCEA Event

AFCEA Show 1

Technologies for Tomorrow Inc. announced it’s new Tezema Micro i3 Ultra Small Form Factor PCs at the San Diego AFCEA TechNet show. The incredible power and capability packaged into a unit the size of a small sandwich got very high reviews from many DOD customers. TFT also displayed Intel’s latest quad node Romley server which can be configured for redundancy and exceptional power at a price point significantly lower than tier one vendors such as HP, Dell, and others.

AFCEA Show 2

Vice President of Sales and marketing, Daniel Coco for TFT says customers are excited about the Tezema Micro i3 because it can be used in many environments throughout DOD where PC’s could not play due to size and power requirements. Sensor sites, submarines, remote sites in the battlefield are an excellent places where the Tezema Micro i3 can be utilized without having the cooling and heating requirements required with older PC platforms. Also being able to use the Tezema Micro i3 for software based routing and firewalls with products from Brocade such as Vyatta opens up new possibilities in many new markets both in Government and Commercial industries.

Technologies for Tomorrow Inc. announced INTELS Next Unit of Computing (NUC) at the San Diego AFCEA TechNet show.  The small form factor of this unit and the incredible power and capability packaged into a unit the size of a sandwich got very high reviews from many DOD customers. TFT also displayed INTELS latest 4 node server which can be configured for redundancy and exceptional power  at a price point significantly lower than tier one vendors such as HP, Dell, and others.

Technology For Tomorrow Inc. and NBS Enterprises signs strategic partnership agreement to support our customers in Asia Pacific and the USA Mainland.

Technology For Tomorrow Inc. and NBS Enterprises signs strategic partnership agreement to support our customers in Asia Pacific and the USA Mainland.


“With the relocation of the Marine Corps to Guam, NBS Enterprises will play a key role in our ability to ramp up and provide experienced staff in CYBER security and other key areas of technology says Daniel Coco, Vice President of Sales and Marketing”. NBS Enterprises (NBS) is an 8(m) Economically Disadvantaged Woman-owned small business with capabilities and experience in three major areas: (1) IT and IA Solutions and Services, (2) Staffing Services, and (3) International Consulting. NBS possesses exceptional talent in the management and technical administration of global requirements for the Department of Defense and numerous Government agencies. NBS is familiar with the atmosphere and challenges faced by the US Government. The experience that NBS has gained enables us to knowledgeably and efficiently coordinate logistics and support operations and transform IT environments to effectively support the Warfighter in today’s ever-changing mission.


NBS Enterprises IT Services: NBS has been serving the Intelligence, Department of Defense and Commercial Communities since 2005. We have been successfully delivering solutions in the areas of Information Assurance (IA), Enterprise Architecture, IT Transformation and Modernization, NOC environments, Human Resources, Logistics and Mission support and others. NBS has trained and certified staff in the most widely used technologies.


NBS Global Recruiting: NBS provides direct staffing, and contract-to-hire, and temporary staff in the Department of Defense and Commercial Communities in numerous arenas. These personnel include individuals with top-level clearances and experience.


Technologies For Tomorrow, Inc. Connects With Gigamon

Technology For Tomorrow Inc. adds Gigamon,, as a supplier of premier of intelligent Traffic Visibility Networking solutions for enterprises, data centers and service providers around the globe.


Gigamon technology empowers infrastructure architects, managers and operators with unmatched visibility into the traffic, traversing both physical and virtual networks without affecting the performance or stability of the production environment. Through patented technologies, the Gigamon GigaVUE® portfolio of high-availability and high-density products intelligently delivers the appropriate network traffic to security, monitoring or management systems. With over seven years’ experience designing and building intelligent traffic visibility products in the U.S., Gigamon serves the vertical market leaders of the Fortune 1000 and has an install base spanning 40 countries. Gigamon provides tremendous value to our customer with large and complex networks. This will add to our ability to secure and manage our customer’s networks.


Technologies For Tomorrow, Inc. Announces New Compass Line of Systems

Technologies For Tomorrow, Inc. announces it latest server and desktop systems, the Compass Series. The Compass line of servers is designed with Intel Second Generation Core i3/i5/i7 processors and server infrastructure. Small, light, and powerful, Compass desktops will take our customers in any direction needed to grow their businesses.


“Our strong and strategic relationship with INTEL allows us to stay ahead of technology curve and deliver state of the art server and desktops to the market as soon as INTEL releases the products to industry,” says Dan Coco, Vice President of Engineering for Technologies For Tomorrow, Inc.


The Compass line provides our customers with reliable technology and custom services to taking you in any direction needed to expand and grow your business at a competitive price. Currently our servers and desktops are being used in many mission critical projects within DOD.


Technologies For Tomorrow, Inc. Adds Wide Range of Cloud Services

Technologies For Tomorrow, Inc. adds cloud services to its portfolio of products and services. Teamed with Tech Data, Inc. Technologies For Tomorrow, Inc. now has the ability to offer DAS, Desktop as a Service, SAS, Software as a service, and PAS, Platform as a service for Servers and Storage.


We are excited about having the capability to offer our small and medium sized customers with the ability to have secure and redundant cloud services across the USA and our customers internationally says Dan Coco, Vice President of Engineering for Technologies For Tomorrow, Inc.


Technologies For Tomorrow, Inc. Signs Strategic Teaming Agreement With X-Feds

Technologies For Tomorrow, Inc. signs strategic teaming agreement with X-Feds, , to support the growing demand within our customer base to secure their network infrastructures.


X-Feds is a leading small business provider of engineering, systems integration, technical, and business services to the U.S. military, agencies of the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), the intelligence community, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and other U.S. Government civil agencies, as well as to customers in selected commercial markets. X-Feds provides Technologies For Tomorrow, Inc. with another crucial partner in helping to secure the network and applications running over it.


Cyber Security Update – Technologies For Tomorrow, Inc. Signs Agreement With Skybox Security

Technologies for Tomorrow, Inc. signs agreement with Skybox Security, to represent them in Asia Pacific and Mainland USA. Skybox Security products and services provide Technologies for Tomorrow, Inc. with the ability to offer our customers the best in class when it comes to protecting their networks and valuable assets from Cyber-attacks, says Daniel Coco, Vice President of Sales and Marketing.


Techologies For Tomorrow, Inc. Signs Agreement With Nuedesic LLC

Technologies for Tomorrow, Inc. signs agreement with Nuedesic LLC,, to provide Technologies for Tomorrow, Inc. with expert services supporting our existing and future customer’s needs for deploying solutions based on Microsoft’s technology platform. Nuedesic is a Microsoft National Systems Integrator and Gold ISV Partner with a proven track record of providing reliable, effective solutions based on Microsoft’s technology platform. Nuedesic LLC technical and industry expertise empower enterprises to enhance their technological capacity and respond to business opportunities with greater efficiency.


Technologies For Tomorrow achieves Intel Premier Partner

Technologies For Tomorrow, Inc. once again proves that it’s onwards and upwards with our acceptance into the Intel Premier Partner Program. Intel Channel Partner Premier Members are local experts bringing the latest Intel technology into your home or office. When you work with a Premier Member you get more than affordable, high-performing, reliable technology solutions. You also get the expertise in your industry to ensure that the technology you invest in is built for what matters most to you and your business.


Our close relationship with Intel allows for access to the latest technologies and support, including priority service and access to replacement parts, backed by industry-leading warranties.


Technologies For Tomorrow becomes an Apple Authorized Service Provider

Continuing to expand it’s reach in the local and national IT service sector, Technologies For Tomorrow, Inc. is now an Apple Authorized Service Center, able to provide in-warranty service for Apple laptop and desktop computers. According to Dan Coco, Facility Director of Technologies For Tomorrow, Inc., “Having been working with out of warranty repairs on Apple systems for sometime now, we are excited to be able to add in-warranty repairs to our already extensive service and support competencies. It was something our national and local customers asked for, and the Apple staff here at Technologies For Tomorrow has worked very, very hard to bring this all about.”


For more information please see our dedicated Apple Support Page Here.


Technologies For Tomorrow Donates Time and Hardware to Children’s Services Center

Pensacola, FL – Through a valuable partnership with Triangle of Technology and Technology for Tomorrow, Inc., APEX has gained access to a limited number of refurbished computers that they will be distributing to child care providers in the area.


APEX, the training division of Children’s Services Center, cares about the needs of child care providers and recognizes that computers are in high demand among child care centers and homes.