Meet Team TFT

Elizabeth Doenlen

Owner and President


Elizabeth Doenlen is the co-founder of Technologies for Tomorrow, Inc., (TFT). Responsible for overseeing finance, accounting, contracting, human resources and security, she has played a key role in the sustained growth of Technologies for Tomorrow Inc. She has developed the internal systems and framework to manage the operations of the company and a platform for its continued successful growth. Elizabeth’s goal is to maintain and expand the company’s financial and business infrastructure to support its growth and strategic plan. A graduate of Purdue University with a B.S. in nutrition and post graduate coursework in nutrition and engineering, she has practiced in the healthcare for 15 years field prior to the development of Technologies For Tomorrow in 1994. Elizabeth has extensive knowledge in all aspects of financial and accounting management of retail operations. She has a thorough understanding of special technologies in sales and training for the handicapped and physically impaired. She also has experience in the design and sales of computer systems and related hardware and peripherals.Elizabeth’s goal is to maintain and expand the company’s financial and business infrastructure to support its growth and strategic plan.


Pamela Coco

Owner, Senior Vice President and COO


Pamela Coco is the co-founder of Technologies for Tomorrow, (TFT). She is responsible for leading the growth and operations of TFT’s business in North America and internationally. She oversees the company’s Federal and Commercial Services group, Business Development and Corporate Strategy, and serves on Technologies for Tomorrow Inc.’s Board of Directors.


She is responsible for developing and managing strategic relationships with all of Technologies for Tomorrow Inc. business partners while supporting the strategic goals of Sales and Engineering to insure the necessary infrastructure is in place to support existing and future customers. Pamela has owned and operated multiple small businesses in the USA and was instrumental in managing each business and successfully selling them once the business was operating at its maximum profit potential.


Pamela has more than 5 years’ experience in the Health Care Industry and 6 years self-employed in own business. Pamela successfully managed all aspects of the operations of a city owned facility for 2 years. She has more than 18 years’ experience in the computer industry. Pamela had high performance in successfully running a GPS program for the United States Air Force for 5 years. She has proven past performance in government and contractual market. She has extensive experience in development of business alliances and negotiating products, services and procurement strategies. She has extensive knowledge and ability in the sale of technology products, system integration, design and hardware product support for desktop and Alpha Servers. She has knowledge and ability in all aspects to operate and manage a small to medium retail and computer operation. Pamela is highly skilled in the sales of computer hardware, services and peripherals to both small and medium enterprises.


Pamela’s goal is to maintain and expand the company’s financial and business infrastructure to allow sustained growth in all areas in the company.


Daniel Coco

Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Mr. Coco is responsible for driving sales and marketing for the US Mainland and International Sales, which includes Hawaii, Japan, Korea, Guam, and Asia Pacific. Mr. Coco has more than 30 years of experience as a growth-oriented business executive, financier, and entrepreneur. Prior to joining Technologies for Tomorrow, Inc., Mr. Coco worked for Digital Equipment and Compaq, now Hewlett Packard, for 24 years, in multiple executive positions, with his last assignment as Director of Navy Sales, where he increased annual sales from $75 million to $200 million dollars over 3 years, being recognized as the number one revenue producing team within the DOD sales organization in Compaq. Mr. Coco established Compaq as the desktop and server provider in the U.S. Navy’s IT21 program, a $19 billion dollar Navy program. After leaving Compaq, Mr. Coco has held many executive Sales positions helping small businesses in the USA and internationally, specifically Japan and Guam, where he created new lines of businesses in Data Center Virtualization and Information Security.


Dr. Harry Doenlen

Medical and Technology Advisor


Dr. Doenlen is responsible for the development of technologies to address problems and improve efficiencies in a variety of areas. Dr. Doenlen is a medical doctor with 30 years of experience and three board certifications. He holds an academic appointment with Florida State University as Assistant Clinical Professor at the Pensacola campus. His writing has been published in professional journals and community periodicals, and he has given numerous lectures and seminars for physicians and community groups. Dr. Doenlen has 40 years of software development experience. His technical expertise includes computer programming for medical applications as well as consulting for medical software applications and disabilities. Specific areas of expertise is in medical record systems, internet services, database technology, and assisted medical decision making. Dr. Doenlen’s business experience includes leading the creation of three programs and expansion of two other programs. He has specific expertise in business financial planning, human resource development, and contract negations. Dr. Doenlen also has 30 years of aviation experience as an airplane pilot with instrument rating.


Daniel Coco Jr.

Vice President of Engineering

Dan is responsible for technology strategy, including strategic planning, client system-integration consulting, and applications development. Mr. Coco regularly manages IT-centered contracts, including contracts with the Department of Defense, civilian federal agencies, state and local governments, and commercial clients. Dan’s extensive knowledge of the IT industry has helped keep Technologies for Tomorrow ahead of the curve with IT trends and technologies. Dan has earned a BA degree in Business Management and Marketing. He has extensive knowledge in the marketing profession to directly attack the competition. He has a complete understanding of desktop technology such as Intel, AMD, and all major disk manufacturers, wireless communication, Internet technology, web development, Internet security and LAN network design and installation solutions. Dan has understanding of storage subsystem and design and expertise HPC systems. He is highly skilled in the high performance, leading-edge PC/Server market.