Cloud Solutions



Technologies for Tomorrow specializes in providing tailored Cloud Solutions for your business and enterprise.  We provide cloud technologies for three major platforms, Desktops, Servers and Storage.


Server Cloud Solutions by technologies for Tomorrow

Technologies for Tomorrow can set up a private cloud either in your datacenter or host one for you in a secure datacenter.  Our clouds enable you maximum efficiency, deploying virtual servers on demand.


Private clouds in your datacenter give you a peace of mind that your equipment is safely in your hands, and has the added benefit of allowing you the greatest degree of control.    Customers with skilled administrators, on-site datacenters, redundant power and air conditioned facilities often ask us to deploy private clouds to modernize their infrastructure.  We offer private clouds built on both Citrix XenServer as well as VMware.  


Hosted clouds allow you to access and maintain virtual servers without the worries of physically maintaining servers, providing redundant and backup power generation, or redundant network facilities.  You concentrate on configuring your servers the way you like, and we make sure your servers are always available.



Cloud Solutions help deliver what you need quicker than ever.  However, seasoned professionals find that cloud services usually lack in a few areas:

  • Patch Management
  • Inter-Virtual Machine Security
  • Deployment of groups of related virtual machines
Technologies for Tomorrow has partnered with some of the biggest names in the industry, including IBM and CA Technologies to bridge these gaps and offer benefits such as:
  • Automated Patch Management
  • Inter-Machine Firewalls
  • Designing and Deploying “Server Stacks”
Imagine deploying a “Server Stack” including about 8-16 servers in a few clicks including:
  • Multi-Site replicated database
  • Multi-Homed DNS Servers
  • Multiple Web Servers
  • A Web Load Balancer

The amount of time saved by ensuring each multi-server deployment is consistent and works “out of the box” is incredible.  This frees your system administrators to concentrate on making your enterprise better, instead of just “being busy”.




People need a reliable way to compute, whether it’s at a desk, or on the go.  Websites like work all the time, from anywhere.  Why doesn’t your desktop or notebook?  It comes down to architecture.


Traditional Desktops suffer from major problems such as:

  • Component Failure
  • Unable to run the “next” version of “Windows” 
  • Unable to add enough RAM
  • Waiting for someone to fix a computer

With our TFT Virtual Desktop Cloud solutions, these problems are a thing of the past.  What you’ll get with our solutions include:

  • Instant desktop recovery, even after a virus attack
  • Desktop access from anywhere (at home, at the office, on your mobile device)
  • Ability to run the “next” version of “windows”
  • Ability to upgrade your CPU or RAM on demand (Get that 128GB RAM Desktop you’ve always wanted)
  • Deploy or Upgrade 1000+ desktops in minutes

If you still use desktops or notebooks, you need to call us.  There is a better way.





While you can replace a computer, you can’t replace data.  Here’s what happens when you don’t have a Storage Cloud Strategy.


  • Daily Backups can take hours
  • In case of failure, you can lose up to around 23 hours of your newest data
  • Restoration may take days
  • Restoration often fails
  • Your backups might not have captured all your vital data
  • Nearly impossible restoration of C: (it’s hard to restore a backup of your OS, when you don’t have an OS to run the restore program)

Technologies for Tomorrow changes all this by giving you a Virtual Storage cloud enabling;

  • Instant full backups, any time of day, as often as every minute
  • Data replication to one or more remote sites
  • Data restoration from a remote site
  • No more messing with silly backup programs
  • Restoration of any file (with the proper permission) from any point in time, without administrator assistance
  • Instant growth as you need it.  Whether you need speed or capacity, we can deliver.
  • Restoration of a server without the need for an initial operating system 


If your desktops or servers still contain hard drives, call us.  We would love to share some new ideas with you.