Efficeon Series

Efficeon Series by Technologies For Tomorrow, Inc.

The Efficeon line of servers and workstations have been designed from the ground up with high efficiency and low power consumption as the focus. All hardware, BIOS and software (if configured) have been streamlined for maximum performance per watt and we have carefully selected the components used to help us reach the pinnacle of green computing systems.


Core Technologies and Features

The Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2600 and E5-2400 series processors are the successors to the Intel Xeon processor 5600 and 5500 series. The Intel Xeon processor E5-2600 product family offers more of everything that drives performance — more cores, more cache, more memory, more integration with more bandwidth across the platform to get your data where it needs to be faster than ever before and it does it while consuming 50 percent less power than the Xeon 5600 series.  For our Efficeon Series systems, we take that a step further and focus on incorporating the “Low Power” offerings of the E5-2600 and E5-2400 series processors.

Get the performance you need at the price you want for today’s demanding workloads. AMD Opteron™ 6300 Series processors deliver performance for the real world and value for real budgets by offering low acquisition costs that help to reduce overall TCO. What’s more, new enhancements allow applications to run faster over  than its previous generation while staying within the same power budget. In addition to the quad socket capable 6300 series processors, AMD introduces the new AMD Opteron™ 4300 Series processor designed to lower datacenter TCO through unparalleled energy efficiency at an excellent value. Ideal for power-conscious cloud deployments, the AMD Opteron 4300 Series processor has been streamlined to run applications faster than ever at the lowest possible energy draw. OpteronSM


HIgh-efficiency 80 plus platinum power supplies

During the conversion from AC to DC in computer power supplies some power is lost and is exhausted as heat. If a power supply is more efficient, it requires less AC power to produce the same amount of DC power than a lesser efficient unit and less heat is produced.  In 2005, Tacoma, WA based Ecova Plug Load Solutions initiated the 80 PLUS® program to help encourage more efficient power supplies. In 2007 (and again in 2009) Energy Star made another push for industry improvement by making 80 PLUS certification mandatory in order to bear the Energy Star logo.


For our Efficeon Series of servers and workstations, we have taken that torch and held it high by including only 80 PLUS Platinum power supplies and redundant power supplies.  These power supplies average better than 90% efficiency, and start saving you money as soon as you power on your system.



Low Power system Ram and storage

Efficeon Series systems are configured with 1.35v DDR3L modules and low power, high-performance SSD storage.


So how much savings does that .15v REALLY net you? Let’s compare power consumption in a server configured with 96GB of RAM.  First generation 50nm DRAMs would draw about 65W of power.  A die shrink to 40nm lowered power consumption to under 43W, for about a 34% reduction.  By again shrinking the die to 30nm technology AND lowering the voltage to 1.35V, this results in an additional 21% power reduction, down to under 34W.  As you calculate the power savings over an entire rack or datacenter with large numbers of servers, the savings become substantial.

SSDs have always enjoyed a performance advantage over their HDD brethern…even if you only browse the Internet, SSDs still offer tangible benefits in performance and power. We chose SSDs for use in our Efficeon Systems because even while eclipsing the performance of hard disks, SSDs use significantly less wattage at peak load, less than 2W vs. 6W for an HDD. In addition to those benefits, because SSDs require very little power to operate, that translates into significantly less heat output by your system which also feeds into lowering your overall TCO. samsungSSD