Kontena Storage Series


Kontena Rackmount storage servers (1U to 9U)

Technologies For Tomorrow, Inc. produces a diverse range of storage solutions based off of Intel and AMD platforms in order to meet any potential need. Highly reliable and scalable, a large selection of options are available for:  
  • DAS
  • NAS
  • SAN
  • JBOD
  • SAS
  • Gigabit LAN
  • 10G
  • 40G
  • Fibre Channel
Whether your application and storage are required on the same system or you are looking for a configurable file server, a storage server is the perfect solution. Storage servers run a standard operating system such as Linux, Windows, or OpenSolaris, and are incredibly dense for their size. They offer an open architecture that easily accepts add-in PCI Express cards, and are only limited by what their installed operating system will support. These systems are ideal for system administrators who want a cost-effective solution and the flexibility to “roll their own” configuration supporting the latest storage offerings.  
The Kontena line of rackmount storage server solutions provides exceptionally high storage density (up to 6TB per drive) while leveraging high-efficiency power to maximize performance-per-watt savings to reduce TCO. The product line includes 2U, 3U, 4U, 5U, 6U, and 9U form factors, with each server capable of supporting up to 7x PCI Express expansion slots, as well as a wide variety of 1-way, 2-way, and 4-way motherboards. A selection of LSI, Adaptec, Areca, Intel, and 3Ware RAID controllers and HBAs are available and provide a wide range of drivers and GUI/CLI management tools for your chosen operating system. Offering up to 93% power efficiency, cooling redundancy, power redundancy, hot-swappable drive bays and fans, Kontena storage servers are designed to meet the requirements of today’s sophisticated enterprise data centers and high performance applications with new levels of storage performance, scalability and reliability   If you have any questions, or wish to discuss a Kontena custom storage server solution for your application, the Technologies For Tomorrow team is available for you!      

Kontena SAN/iscsi/DAS storage appliances

 3U_10GiSCSI_SANs vmware 3U_iSCSI_QuadLANs
High-availability Dual Controller Storage Systems Technologies For Tomorrow redefines high availability with the introduction of the Kontena DC dual controller storage appliance, a powerful and easy to use dual active controller, with a bevy of connectivity options:   Kontena DC appliances combine intelligence and automation with fault tolerance to provide simplified administration, rapid deployment, enterprise performance and reliability, and seamless scalability. These high performance storage arrays deliver a range of capacity points up to 48TB in a 3U chassis and are designed to create a virtualized storage platform that scales up to 192TB under a single management interface.  
The Kontena dual controller storage systems combines a state-of-the-art dual-active RAID design with the flexibility of a modularized hardware architecture that offers a new level of data protection, availability and ease of use. In addition to dual RAID controllers and I/O modules, the dual redundant power supplies and cooling modules are also hot-swappable and can be replaced easily in the field, providing the ultimate in redundancy and reliability for mission critical applications.   Single Controller Storage Systems The Kontena SC single controller storage appliance is VMware ESXi 5 certified and offer Enterprise-grade solution for applications that demand nothing short of superior reliability. Designed to meet the challenge of high impact/high volume network storage requirements, Kontena SC appliances can be configured in minutes and are becoming the new standard for simplified SAN storage. Kontena SC systems deliver a range of capacity points up to 48TB in a 3U chassis and are designed to create a virtualized storage platform that scales up to 192TB under a single management interface.   Kontena SC systems are a host independent storage appliance which provides a transparent and driverless method of adding additional RAID (0, 1, 3, 5, 6) protected storage to an existing IT infrastructure, regardless of your operating system or hardware. Designed to easily integrate into elaborate SAN fabrics or point-to-point centralized storage, Kontena SC systems truly offer a flexible and powerful solution that will increase your capacity, productivity and add unprecedented data protection.  
Powerful Storage Management  Managing a Kontena SC storage appliance is easy with its cross platform user friendly GUI management. The intuitive web based interface helps manage, monitor and control the system and its expansion units via a standard web browser anytime anywhere and receive real time system notification through Email without additional software.   Energy-Efficient; ECO-Friendly Storage The Kontena storage appliance equips with energy-efficient 80-Plus 500W dual redundant power supply to keep your workloads and critical applications running without interruption and ensure system reliability and data availability. Kontena storage appliances are environmental friendly that helps to reduce operating cost resulting in reduction on total cost of ownership. Besides the green power suppliers, Enhance Technology continues its initiative on implementation of green technologies with features like auto disk spin-down, field replaceable component modules.