COTS Customization

Hardware Modification and customized Computing systems


Technologies For Tomorrow, Inc. has always taken pride in being able to deliver products and solutions that deviate from their original design and specification. Typical completely custom computer system design can take months and be cost prohibitive. Our approach differs in that we can take commercial off the shelf (COTS) equipment and modify it to fit your needs.  Our efforts result in a deliverable product that is a fraction of the cost of “from the ground up” custom systems.  In addition to the cost savings, we can also dramatically shorten the time it takes to go from idea to delivered end product.





Prototyping & 3D Printing


If a picture is worth a thousand words in conveying your idea, how much is a 3D model worth? Think of the difference in presenting a flat drawing compared to a 3D concept model that colleagues can pass around and examine from every angle.  .  We can quickly provide you 3D models that help determine form, fit and function — everything from ergonomics to design verification. When it’s time to test your concepts, Technologies For Tomorrow can producce durable ABS 3D models that stand up to testing in their intended environment.




Speed up your design process.

All companies are under pressure to get their products to market faster. Technologies For Tomorrow can help get your project on the fast track and help your team respond to deadline pressures quickly by turning your CAD files into working functional prototypes.


Why produce prototypes and manufacturing tools with a prototyping machine?

  • Accelerates product development by bringing ideas to life faster and less expensively
  • Enables you to correct errors early in the design process and before the tooling stage
  • Reduces time-to-market
  • Find problems early in design cycle, before the cost to correct them rises
  • Eliminate one or more rounds of tooling by proving out product design before it reaches tooling

For more information about how to turn your computer models into “hold in your hand” prototypes please call to speak to one of our sales representatives.