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Technologies For Tomorrow, Inc. continues to be a leader in the arenas of computer service, networking, and systems maintenance for our local area as well as across the country. We continue to leverage exceptional integrators and network/systems engineers to provide you with the stability and performance you deserve for your home, business, or in-the-field installations. Please take a moment to look below for information regarding what Technologies For Tomorrow, Inc. can do for you.


General repairs

At Technologies For Tomorrow, Inc. we have technicians that have over 18 years of experience repairing notebooks. Many “big box” stores and other local computer shops claim to offer notebook repair, but actually ship your notebook off to an out-of-state repair facility. At Technologies For Tomorrow, our in-house technicians will diagnose and repair your notebook, quickly and reliably. For many repairs we offer a flat rate which takes the guess work out of how much your repair will cost.


Spyware, Viruses, Malware

Many of the problems associated with computers today can be attributed to spyware and viruses. Infecting your computer can be as easy as surfing the internet and viewing a website, or by installing file sharing application. Many times it doesn’t require the direct interaction of a mouse click, it simply utilizes many of the exploits or “holes” in the security of the software on your computer. Beyond that, some AntiSpyware or AntiVirus programs that are supposed to protect your computer, actually have a greater impact on performance than the actual spyware itself. Our technicians understand these problems all to well. We can rid your computer of spyware and virus nuisances, while also recommending AntiSpyware and AntiVirus solutions that actually work! 

emergency data recovery

Lost an important file or document? If your hard drive is still detected by your computer (doesn’t have to be able to boot to Windows) then there is a good chance we can recover your data. Don’t let months or years of your work disappear with deleted documents, pictures and other important files. We can recover documents, music, photos, and many other files with our data recovery equipment. We also provide quotes up front for all data recovery operations involving hardware and mechanical failures. Expedited and Standard services available

cracked & Broken screen repair

Sometimes bad things happen to good computers. We have seen laptops that haven’t quite made it through a TSA checkpoint. One minute it is in someone’s hands, the next minute is impacting the ground. Not to worry, Technologies For Tomorrow can replace your backlight, inverter, or even the entire screen. Please call and speak to a Technologies For Tomorrow representative for more information. Screen replacement is no longer a cost prohibitive repair!  

DC Jack Repair

Do you have to hold the power cord “just right” for your laptop to turn on or charge the battery? One of the most common laptop repairs we perform is DC jack repair or replacement. The damage is caused by anything from just general ware and tear, to someone walking by and tripping over the power cord. In some instances the DC jack can simply be soldered back on. While in other cases, the DC Jack itself has been damaged and needs to be replaced. No problem, we stock DC Jacks, no more waiting to get the parts in before repairs can be performed.

upgrades and new installations

Want to add some more power and speed? Are your frame rates in the latest games not where you want them to be? Is your battery not holding a charge anymore? Running out of room for more music? Technologies For Tomorrow representative can help guide your upgrade choices to make sure you are getting your money’s worth.   Most repair facilities require you to wait for the parts for you upgrade to arrive before they can begin work.  At Technologies For Tomorrow we also carry a large selection of parts and components instock allowing you to get your new components installed the same day.