Cyber Security

Protecting Our Nation against Cyber Threats


At Technologies for Tomorrow Inc., we understand the importance of helping governments and commercial businesses address the growing threat from cyber terrorists leveled against military, civilian, intelligence agencies and commercial businesses. With our partners we provide the people, processes and technology to deliver client-focused cyber solutions and services to secure and protect critical cyber missions in both public and private sectors.


Government agencies, power companies, airlines, and commercial industries all have cyber components and depend on the secure transmission of data for their successful

operations. By protecting the network and transmission of data and interrupting the cyber operations of terrorists and hostile organizations and individuals, Technologies for Tomorrow Inc., is helping address threats from enemies who are developing the capabilities to wage war in cyberspace.



We support our clients’ cyber security needs with:



Cyber Operations Center of Excellence


Skybox Securities Cyber Center of Excellence brings together proven engineering processes and tools, deep understanding of our customers’ missions, and extensive experience in communications systems and IT applications to provide cutting edge cyber services to military, civilian and intelligence agencies.



Cyber Security and Cyber Operations Support


In cyberspace, we help to defend nation’s information networks from terrorists and intruders who seek to launch cyber-attacks and engage in cyber warfare. We employ both defensive and tactical approaches to cyber security and offer organizations a baseline and governance model for the operation and protection of their cyber infrastructure and missions.



Effective Tools for Complex Cyber Operations


We deploy tools that monitor, detect, report and control cyber incidents across the enterprise. By applying software engineering and architectural best practices, our Cyber Operations Center can integrate real-time data from various sensors to develop an operational view of cyberspace and provide information on the health of the network, as well as defense and attack postures.



Mission-Critical Protection of Cyber Infrastructure


Skybox Security unique approach to cyber operations and cyber security provides the most powerful integration and governance tool any organization can have it in its cyber toolkit to enforce standardization and configuration control and protect its cyber infrastructure.