Mobile Device Management

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It should come as no surprise to learn that mobile devices are outselling all other types of computing technology.iphone5  iPhones, iPads, Android phone, Android tablets, eReaders and, yes, even Windows phones and tablets, are vastly outselling the traditional desktop or laptop computer.  This has been the case in the consumer sector for some time now, and it’s trending in the business marketplace as well. With the proliferation of mobile devices, it was inevitable that they would become mainstream in the workplace. Whether you provide mobile devices to your staff or allow them to bring their own into your workplace, you need to have appropriate policies in place to govern their use.


If you think a policy to govern the use of mobile devices may not be necessary for your business, consider the following statistics: 81 percent of people who have a mobile device use it for work purposes, even if it is a personal device. That is, eight out of 10 people who have a mobile device connect it to their work networks. Sixty percent of these same people use a line-of-business application on their mobile device.  If these data points alone are not convincing enough, consider that 10 percent of companies do not know all of the mobile devices that have access to the company network. This means there are people and devices accessing your company’s IT systems that you do not know about.


As with anything, there are pros and cons of mobile device use for business. The flexibility of remote connectivity improves employee productivity and also tends to increase employee satisfaction. But the obvious risks that come from mobile access to corporate networks—from the loss of confidential data stored on mobile devices to unauthorized network access—cannot be underestimated. And it makes no difference whether devices are employee-owned or company provided—if they are accessing your clients’ networks, the threat is real and potentially costly.


Device support: android and Apple ios

ios_droidTechnologies For Tomorrow, Inc. mobile device management (MDM) provides comprehensive monitoring and security controls over Android and Apple iOS mobile devices with access to your networks and data.  We can provide complete visibility and control over mobile devices used for conducting business including geographic location tracking, selective wiping and built-in reporting, allowing Technologies For Tomorrow, Inc. to deliver secure risk management against potential mobile threats.  We can even help you avoid data plan overage charges by automatically alerting users when they approach their data usage threshold.