Network Infrastructure

Building a solid network foundation

Technologies For Tomorrow, Inc. is a recognized leader in delivering innovative services to help you build and support highly optimized and reliable network infrastructures. Our staff has deep skills and knowledge—including industry-leading expertise in IP Communications, Network Security, System Architecture, Mobile, and Wireless Technologies. Technologies For Tomorrow, Inc. focuses on understanding your business goals and requirements and then translating business and strategic objectives into networking requirements. We will work closely with your organization to create networking capabilities that not only meet today’s needs to reduce cost, but also address tomorrow’s needs for enhanced business and operational capabilities enabled by IP-based networks.


Unsupported and unreliable IT infrastructure can reduce your operational efficiency, hinder productivity and erode your organization’s ability to achieve its goals. A reliable and secure network is an essential requirement for all successful businesses. You need a computer environment that runs without interruption and a network infrastructure you can count on. If you’re looking for a provider that can help you realize the full potential of your investment in technology, support your IT infrastructure and reduce the burden your internal IT resources, Technologies For Tomorrow, Inc. has a network and infrastructure services plan to meet your requirements.


With 18 years of experience designing and building infrastructures for organizations of all sizes, we provide end-to-end networking know-how. We are expertly qualified to help you design, procure, implement and manage your IT infrastructure. Our consultants will work with you to scope your requirements, install hardware, software, cables and wireless solutions, creating an integrated environment that delivers optimum performance and availability.


Whether we help you to build your network, or are engaged to assure its ongoing efficiency, our network administrators will remotely manage and monitor your network including devices, servers and applications. Our team of engineers will ensure that routers, switches, firewalls, VPN and IDS/IPS are running smoothly and efficiently. When upgrades to an operating system or active directory are needed, Technologies For Tomorrow, Inc. completes these assignments with ease.


Technologies For Tomorrow, Inc. can take responsibility for the management of your voice network, desktops, IT security, backup and storage, disaster recovery and more. We’ll monitor the performance of your servers and respond to alerts to address potential problems before they turn into system failures. And we proactively monitor parameters of systems to keep everything running at peak performance. In the event of hardware disruption, we’ll dispatch an Technologies For Tomorrow, Inc. On-Site technician to make the repairs, coordinate warranty service or handle replacements to get you back to normal operation as quickly as possible.


We ensure the health of your network with service level agreements that provide rapid response and offer you peace of mind – knowing that your issues are resolved before there is any impact on your organization.


Structured Wiring

Technologies For Tomorrow, Inc. designs, engineers, implements, and certifies infrastructure systems using only the industry accepted manufacturers that have proven to be of the highest quality. Our structured cabling expertise consists of:


  • Category 5, 5e and Category 6, 6A twisted pair cable
  • 10G Ethernet (CX4/QSFP/QSFP+)
  • 40G/100G Ethernet (CX4/QSFP+/CFP/CXP)
  • Multi-mode and Single-mode Fiber
  • Specialized cabling for unique communications media requirements
  • Associated connectors, components, racks and cabinets


Wireless INfrastructure

Technologies For Tomorrow, Inc. is a leader in end-to-end wireless coverage and capacity solutions.  We offer cutting edge wireless infrastructure to address the demands of enterprise and commercial customers by utilizing a comprehensive suite of solutions, including Antennas, Base Station Solutions and Coverage Solutions. Technologies For Tomorrow, Inc. product line supports all wireless network protocols and frequencies. Our solutions, products and services also help wireless operators and OEMs reduce capital and operating expenses, speed rollout of services, improve coverage and capacity, and reduce environmental impact.